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Thursday, December 29, 2005 

Pride: 500th post

I want my 500th post to be special; you know not a lame roundup or pointer to some stupid Flash game. I want it to be something meaningful, something important, something witty, something actually worth reading.

Then I remember who I am and what the 7 Deadly Sins is all about. So here is a lame retrospective of my first 499 posts.

This is my first real posting and still rings true.
This explains why I had more “free time” to blog, I gave up a MMO.
This is my first larger-blog linking (INDC was a bigger fish then) and the beginning of my rants on the Game Industry.
While not a notable literary achievement, this post reflects a sea-change in my life.
Busting the chops of slimy software thieves is always fun. I am still getting search hits on this post from the scum looking for a free ride.
More ranting on the quality of life issues in the Game Industry; I still can’t believe X-Play’s stupidity in this episode.
The original rant on the game censorship crowd. Linked by my Blogfather; I was moved to tears.
Game job versus Prision.
The beginning of my E85 obsession.
My reaction of the sliming of the Robert’s Adoption, including the more visceral reaction.
I harangue young people on the virtues of the mystical and good 401k.
I still can’t believe that someone inside the Games Industry would apologize for software thieves.
Sinner gets a speeding ticket and calls for the elimination of “Jack Booted Thugs” in US Law Enforcement.
ANWR and the beginning of meh!
Meme bad, Stirfry GOOD!

No retrospective would be complete without “the Instalanche”, which is also the beginning of a run of good commentary on the Game Censorship Law.

And finally, some examples of my recent humor writing.

Actually, this retrospective is a good history of the 7 Deadly Sins blog and a decent guide to the issues and themes that I will continue to write about. Thanks for sticking with me. This romp though the archives actually brought home to me how much the blog has improved over the 9 months I have been doing this. I am sure it is the same with all bloggers, the early posts are “cringe-worthy” and the later posts are much improved. With that in mind, the next 500 posts look to be very entertaining.

Indeed/Heh (tm Instapundit).

Update: Linked to Stuck on Stupid, Wizbang!, Stop the ACLU and basil's blog.

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