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Wednesday, December 14, 2005 

Envy: Clever

This recent post by Scott Adams on The Dilbert Blog rings very true in my life:

I spend about half of my day explaining to people that I’m not hatching a plot.
Scott thinks that this is an off-shoot of “being clever”. It’s not. It’s a natural defense mechanism of “normal people” when encountering “sarcastic assholes”. I know of what I speak because I am afflicted with “sarcasmis interjectivus”. This condition is in the family of the more general “invertebrate clownitus”. I have a problem with passing up opportunities to be sarcastic or make a joke; I just can’t keep the funny in. Even in the most serious situations I find myself cracking wise or being sarcastic.

This condition makes it very hard to lead a life in various occupations like Library Science, Education, Political Science, and Criminal Science (oddly enough not Mortuary Science). Most sufferers tend to go into professions like Game Programming/Design, Information Technology (mostly sufferers of the related “insultus insatiablitus”), or the French Restaurant and Coffee Industries (Seattle is crawling with sufferers).

We are usually very fun to be around, but non-sufferers tend to ignore most anything we say in serious situations because they have learned that we mostly are unserious. This is why most Video Games suck, because most of the team members are sufferers and the decision makers tend to ignore us.

We sufferers understand that it is hard to tell when we are not joking, but we ask that you try harder to distinguish between the joking and the serious.

It’s funnier to us when you try.

Update: Welcome Dilbert fans! Please see my take on Scott Adams' Humor formula and visit the main page for more fun!

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