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Saturday, May 21, 2005 

Anger: 7 Sins Game

Lately my search engine stats have been showing a bunch of visitors looking for a PC game called "7 Sins". Usually the search includes the work “crack”. The first few times I assumed that, in megalomaniac fashion, people were searching for me based on one of my favorite expressions “What?! Are you on crack?”, “pass that crack pipe this way” or “What crack you smokin’?” It turns out they are looking for a way to steal the 7 Sins game.

The game is not my cup of tea, but that doesn’t matter. I am still annoyed and angered by the fact that people are out there looking for a way to STEAL it and take the FOOD from the DEVELOPER’S mouths. You should be ASHAMED of yourselves.

There are a lot of people that have worked very hard to create this game, as well as all other games on the market. What’s the thanks they get for all the blood, sweat and tears shed in the development of the game? Thieving scum steal the game and put it on the Internet for other, more lazy, scum to download. It happens to ALL games released, sometimes the image comes directly from the duplicator to the scum and developers get the proof copy AFTER the image is available for lazy scum to steal.

Consider this, you useless waste of skin, who is going to write the next game you steal? As I have said before, it will not be me because I am done with the industry. Too many assholes attached to it, inside and out. So who will it be? The teams need to show a profit to survive long enough to make the next game. The publishers need to see sales and get revenue in order to fund the next game. When you steal the game, nobody sees a sale or makes a profit. Good and talented teams die and the team members leave the industry. When this happens, everybody loses. The gaming world loses good talent and the market loses new games because they do not get funded.

This is why PC games suck and you will need to buy a $500 console to play games.

Here are some keywords for you scumbags: 7Sins 7 Sins PC game FREE CRACK DOWNLOAD it here for free. Complete game image ISO free download leet pirate RAR Image

If you are one of these scumbags looking to steal this, or any other, game, read the above rant and then do us all a favor and die a painful death, Bitch!

UPDATE: The flood continues, but 2 countries stand out... Spain and Italy have over 75% of the hits from search engines with references to "crack 7 sins" or some related terms. Next is Canada. I find it interesting that the USA lags far behind in this important stat; I am glad to see it.

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