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Sunday, August 07, 2005 

Anger: The Roberts' Adoption

I have not really said much on the Judge Roberts nomination. Just and announcement of the nomination and a snarky comment on the left-wing noise machine.

The New York Times going after his adoption records hits really close to home.

My daughter is adopted. I love her more than I thought possible and I hurts me to think that someone could use the fact that she came into our lives from our hearts instead of our loins as a weapon against me.

Yes, I am aware that I am not likely to be nominated to high office, but that doesn't matter.

This is sickening enough without the idiot left out there actually defending the investigation based on the fact that the kids are white and blonde.

For the record, my daughter is white with blue eyes and was blonde at birth. She has kept her adorable blue eyes, but her hair has become darker. We waited a long time to be selected by a birth mom. Yes, that’s right, in today's adoption world the birth mom selects the parents of the baby, in this case before she was even born. Given this simple fact, is it possible that 2 birth mothers, based on the perceived better life for the baby, could have selected the Roberts’? I don't think that the Roberts' would have needed to do anything more than just be themselves.

We didn’t do anything illegal, unethical or nefarious to get our daughter (the white and blonde one), but I have no doubt that we were selected by our birth mother based on my income earning potential and our perceived station in life (homeowners, employed etc). Don't you think that a Federal Judge would be a very attractive parent for a birth mom?

Jeff has weighed in:

Bottom line: there is absolutely no justification for what the Times was preparing to do, unless adopting a white child is now inherently suspect—and, in the calculus of progressives, even more suspect than, say, being picked up on an Afghan battlefield, or buying bushels of Castor beans and having them delivered to your local Islamic center.

Is there an "out of bounds" anymore? What would cause people to be this crass and mean? In retrospect, I know that I was guilty of excesses during the Clinton years and I m ashamed of those comments, actions and feelings, but nothing I ever said or did during those years would rise to this level of asshole-ery.

I would strongly suggest that all ya'alls think about how you will feel 10 years from now when you are asked to defend these positions. Maybe some decaf would help as well.

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