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Tuesday, August 09, 2005 

Anger: Driven to the Profane

FUCK YOU! You and all the fucking idiots that commented favorably on your dim witted post!

I admit I have a sick mind. But this film was the first thing I thought of when I read this a few minutes ago. While I very much doubt either one of the Stepford's would run a stop sign let alone skirt adoption laws, one has to wonder why they would go to so much trouble to adopt such lily white kids when there are a multitude of children of color all over the US who need good parents.

Long time readers of this blog know that I am rarely driven to use profanity (in the written word, at least), but there is no other response for someone so fucking sick that they feel it is right and proper to slander every adoptive parent in the nation. We, sir, are not Nazis, bigots, racists, nor are we lawless and greedy bastards.

My adopted daughter has brought me, my wife and the combined family too much joy to adequately express. In return she has been given all our love and a much better life than the alternative.

According to this fuckwad asshole waste of carbon atoms, I am either guilty of unethical behavior, blatant racism or worse. Why? Just so the author can justify trying to drive a well qualified man out of public service by attacking his family. Make no mistake, the assholes that support this sort of fishing are looking to drive good people away from Government Service, at least the ones that don't share their bullshit agenda.

Jeff makes the point that if the Roberts' kids were something less than "lily white" they would now be castigated for taking the kids from their heritage.

I have wasted enough magnetic media on this asshole. Filth of this kind is not worth my time.

Here are my less profane thoughts on the subject.

Update: Darleen's Place has a similar reaction. She also points to this interesting post that compares the NYT actions with the Patriot Act. Nice.

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