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Sunday, December 18, 2005 

Anger: More Censorship

Prof. Reynolds thinks this is dumb, I see his “dumb” and raise a “criminally stupid”.

Proponents of the law, anticipating a trial next year over its constitutionality, are seeking to define ultraviolent and sexually themed videogames as "obscene" for children. That would free them from the need to prove that graphic games pose a public-health concern, because courts have allowed restrictions on the sale of obscene material to children.
They clearly know that what they are proposing is unconstitutional, yet they persist because they think that they will gain some traction with the red state types.
The proposed law would effectively strip some videogames of First Amendment protection. To withstand a court challenge, advocates of the law would likely have to show that violent games are a threat to public health because they cause violent behavior. So far they haven't been able to demonstrate that in state cases.
They will bluster and cry “for the children”, but they will fail and they know it.

As I have said before, Censorship is NOT one of "America's traditional values".

The big question is where are the heavy hitters in the Game Industry? This is what the industry gets for not opposing these “morality imposters” in the past. Will the big money companies (I am looking at you EA) going to do something this time? My guess is that it will fall to us, the little guys, to save our creative freedoms.

The real crime here is that both side in this fight will be spending my money. The feds, my tax dollars, the industry, my cut of the profits and maybe my job along with many others' jobs.

Update: Welcome [gulp] Instapundit Readers! Please visit the Main Page.

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