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Sunday, June 26, 2005 

Anger: X-Play

I sort of like the G4TV show X-Play. The sense of humor is near my own and the sarcastic way they cover the game industry is also in line with my thoughts on the scum that inhabits that industry. I don’t always catch the show, but my TiVo recently got on an X-Play jag and I have seen a few reruns. One that really caught my eye was their coverage of the release of Gran Turismo 4. They harped on the delay after delay after delay, which was entertaining, but then they took a tour of the offices of the developer (Polyphony Digital). This was the worst piece I have ever seen on TV. They hit all the buttons that make young people think that writing games is cool and fun. From the office that looks like a garage to the washer/dryer in the studio, they had all the stereotypes. Then they asked “the question”… Adam Sessler: (paraphrased) "Wow, this place is really great. You have made it so your people never have to leave. Have any of your guys gave up having external homes and rent??". The guy from the company then answered (again paraphrased) “Yes! I would say about half of them.

YIKES! Your product is 3 years late and your have 50% of your people LIVING at your offices? WTF?!?! That fact is bad enough, but now you are bragging about it on national (cable) TV? What the hell is WRONG WITH YOU????

Couldn’t get worse, right? WRONG!!!

Morgan Webb then shows us a cubicle where the owner (who is still working with his back to the camera) has built a curtain under a portion of his desk that houses a cot. Ms. Webb’s comments were something along the lines of "How cute", he built a curtain so he can sleep out of the bright lights”.

What part of “Abusive employee environment lawsuit” don’t these people understand? For the love of God, these are not things to show the public, let alone be proud of! Only a geek run network for other geeks would think this was “cool” and run it.

If you are in, get out. If you are thinking about getting in, stop. If you are in a game diploma mill, drop out and go to a real college and study something worthwhile.

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