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Thursday, December 08, 2005 

Sloth: I Confess

Weblog Award co-finalist and sweetheart Sensible Mom, who is GOING DOWN HAS GONE DOWN (I’m just sayin’) tagged me for the “I Confess” meme. Here goes:

[Deep cleansing breath]

I Confess… that I sometimes feel like a crappy parent and husband. Usually, I crack open a brewski, flip on the Tivo-tube and the feeling goes away pretty fast.

I Confess… that I am afraid of Doctors and Clowns, but mostly Doctors.

I Confess… that I skated through college, learning almost nothing.

I Confess… that I think everything is funnier when you add Monkeys and calliope music.

I Confess… that I am a total fraud in the field of Game Programming. I get stuff done because I have a very high tolerance for head trauma.

I Confess… that I could lose a few pounds, but that would take effort.

I Confess… that I sometimes hear the song “Baby Elephant Walk” when walking down the street.

Finally, I Confess… that I didn’t really take this seriously.

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