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Friday, January 27, 2006 

Pride: Thinkin

I was thinkin’ again, and yes, I know that is a dangerous pastime.

Am I an elitist bastard?

I have been wondering if using the label “Hillbilly” as a pejorative is really a manifestation of my inner need to be “better” than my inbred, slothful, dense, lazy, crude, stupid, selfish, minimally conscious, smelly, dimwitted, obnoxious, rude and uncaring cousins that lack any training beyond “potty” (and their success in that arena is still somewhat in question).

Is it really OK to call anyone a “Hillbilly” just because they are too stupid to live, unconscious of consequences of their actions and can’t (or will not) understand the impact of their actions on people around them or society as a whole?

Even though they are a complete waste of carbon atoms, what gives me the right to hold their antics up for public derision?

Just Thinkin’

Update: Proofread by Cathy (once again Microsoft fails me, this time Word).

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