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Tuesday, January 24, 2006 

Anger: Hillbilly update

This is an update to this post. This may be the start of an ongoing series suggested by MN Girl (Whos site still crashes FireFox, even after a template change).

We had a visit from the local Fire Marshall today. I was unaware that the Fire Marshall had anything to do with trash, but I guess here he does. He was very interested in the growing mound of trash outside my front door. When my wife told him that it was not ours and showed him receipts from the trash pickup service he was convinced that we were not the desperados he was looking for. He then tried to go upstairs to visit our inbred neighbors. This is when things got interesting. The Hillbillies would not open the door for him and shouted all kinds of filthy insults at him. To his credit, he took it all in stride while writing a citation that he pinned to their door. He then loaded the trash into his truck and drove off.

Being the “nosey-nate” that I am, I took the opportunity of coming home after work to have a look at the citation. $150 for fire code violations and trash removal. It would have been much cheaper to have just paid the trash service, but these people have not quite figured out that there “ain’t no free lunch”.

Later this evening, the landlord called to ask if the Fire Marshall showed up, so I guess he called him. The Hillbillies are up there right now swearin’ and-a stompin’ and have already toss a half-full trash bag out one of the windows, close to the now-removed pile-o-trash. Pretty good shot, I must say, they managed not to hit any of their 3 cars parked nearby.

Something tells me we have not seen the last of the Fire Marshall.

Am I evil if I look forward to it? Nahh... I didn't think so...

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