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Tuesday, January 24, 2006 

Pride: Joel Stein

I guess some moonbat drooling moron named Joel Stein has printed a anti-troop screed in the LA Times (calling him a moonbat would insult true moonbats). I will not link it or quote from it here; it seems that every angle I would have pursued is trodden on by pundits large and small.

Instead, I will make another point made before, but is never far from my heart.

Antiwar pacifists are thieves.

They steal life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness from past and present soldiers. They reap the rewards of the spilled blood of past generations while scorning their sacrifices and ideals. They enjoy our country, prosperity and way of life but will not defend it for future generations. They live in our world yet distain those that built it.

They are leeches. Still we protect, cherish and defend them just as we defend ourselves.

THIS is why America and Western Civilization are better than the Caliphate.

This is why we must fight and win.      

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