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Monday, January 16, 2006 

Anger: I efin' HATE PEOPLE

Not all people, just the morons that make life a living hell for those of us that give a dam about civility, humanity and the harmonious living together of varied humans.


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I like to think I am a "good guy". I want to help the people around me and generally care about what other people think and feel. Of course, most of the vermin that makes up the human race would call me a "SUCKER", in fact an "ALL DAY SUCKER".

Here is the latest example:

I had a neighbor that was down on his luck. He was getting tossed from his rented room and needed a place to store some stuff "just until I get on my feet". I never used my garage, so as a "good guy" I allowed myself to be talked into letting him use it. I even gave him odd jobs around the house to do to make a few bucks. Pretty soon the garage was his "workshop" where he did "projects" for people. I was not annoyed because I never use the garage and I was helping my fellow man. Well, the time came when I had to move out of my house in order to take a new job. I asked this person to mow the lawn in return for keeping his workshop over the summer. He was to be out by snowfall and he agreed. So I happily move 1000 miles away figuring that all was taken care of for the summer and the house was placed on the market. Fast forward to January (now) and I find out that not only is he not out and has not been dealing with the lawn, but has a mess outside the garage. According to the Real Estate person, this has scared away more than one buyer. I am a thousand miles away, what the heck can I do?

Seriously, anyone out there have ideas?

Here is another example:

I live in a duplex that I rent (remember my house is still not sold). When I moved in the upstairs was rented to a nice young man. He was quiet and we never had a problem.. for the first month. He moved out and a nice young girl (18) moved in, again we had no problem, as she was quiet, nice and friendly. Unfortunately for us her boyfriend became her husband and she moved out. That left the place open for the COUPLE FROM HELL. They moved in, parked their 3 cars in the two parking slots, one of which is mine, and brought along their super-hyper little “cat in a dog suit” yippie-dog. They also have a hobby of clog dancing to Arthur Godfrey records. We quickly resolved the parking problem, which led to the 3 cars being parked at various places around the property. By the way, did I mention that the total blue book value of these 3 cars can not exceed $400? So, the place looks like “white trash central”, complete with rusted out cars parked on the front lawn.

Wait, that is just the preamble.

The most recent outrage is the trash problem. In my town, each household pays a company to haul away the trash; it is NOT a city service. The monthly bill is about $20. I got my bill last month and found that I was being charged $40 due to "excessive trash". It seems that our hillbilly neighbors had not gotten the word that trash pickup is not "free". I called the trash company and told them the problem. They were super-cool about it and we agree to pay the half the bill. The trash company then paid the hillbillies a visit to try and collect his fee and to sign them up for service. Problem solved, right?. OOOOH NOOOOO, that would be too simple! The hillbillies decided against paying for pick up so for the last two trash days, my stuff was picked up, but theirs was not. The landlord has stopped taking my calls and the pile has grown to about 12x4x3 feet. Of course this pile is RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY DOOR and right on the street.

Now, I am the bad guy for "ratting them out" to the trash company and my landlord thinks I am a whiney bitch for complaining about the late night clog dancing sessions, the parking issues, the rusted out cars on my front lawn (that I have to mow in spring) and the hip deep trash pile outside my door.
As you can see, I have a long history of being on the short end of these sorts of things. I think it is because I genuinely give a dam about my fellow man and our civilization. I am resolved to not become one of the many assholes in the world, but my strength is fading fast. Right now there is nothing I would like better than to take a "clue by four" to the skull of the hillbillies and then drive 1000 miles to repeat the crime.

Of course I will not be doing that, I am the "good guy" remember?


Here is a small sample of the hillbilly fun, just in case you can't believe it.

Here is the nice little house I rented for the family. It is/was pretty cute and really close to my new job.

Perfect for a year or two while we get settled in the community and sell the old house. A really good plan, if I do say so myself.

Here is one of the cars. Notice the pirate cable tv setup running up the side of the house. Also, the window behind the heap is my daughter's bedroom window. You might also catch a glimpse of the "corn-mobile" in the background.

Here is the trash heap outside my door. You might remember the little porch from the first shot.

Linked to: Conservative Cat and Right Wing Nation

Update: I guess I am Not alone.

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