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Wednesday, January 25, 2006 

Anger: E3 Sucks

There is now yet another reason not to go to E3.

Before there was E3, there were 2 shows that were "must go" shows for Video Game people. CES Winter in Las Vegas and Summer in Chicago were the sites of many of my fondest memories of the Games Business. Not only were there games, but all kinds of electronics. Geekery unleashed!

Of course, Booth Babes were always part of the scene. To some of us it was the closest we would ever get to female flesh.

For others is was an event to have immortalized only to later be embarrassed by the evidence.

Early in my career, I loved it and begged every year to go, toward the end I would avoid anyone who might send me there for weeks around this time of year (when travel plans and hotels are cheaper).

Maybe it is an age thing, but the last few years I got roped into going I got way over stimulated on the floor and quickly tired of the flash, noise and yes the booth babes. In my early years, CES/E3 had the glitz and glamour but also was a place where actual deals got done. More than once did I leave the show with a contract and check in hand. That business is no longer being done there, at least as far as I can tell. For serious people, it is a waste of time... except for the booze... oooh the booze...

Quick story: One year at E3 I was walking around the show floor in an over stimulated stupor and needed to leave and clear my head. As I headed for the exit, a video card manufacturer's booth I was passing started throwing out car keys into the crowd; I noticed this because I got beaned in the head by multiple keys. Predictably, a huge crowd formed fighting for the keys, man you would have thought they were tossing out XXXL t-shirts! There I was in the middle of this jumble, barely understanding that one of these keys would start the cool VW Beetle on the stage and the person holding it would drive it home. Once I got out of the mob, I took inventory: 3 deep bruises check. 2 black eyes check. Torn pants pocket, check. Wallet, nope! In the mob scene, I had my pocket ripped and the wallet was gone!

The next day, just on hope, I went to the lost and found office and sure enough the wallet was there! No cash or credit cards, but my driver's license was there so I was able to get on the plane the next day.

And, no, none of the dozen keys I had started the car.

Man, I hate E3.


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