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Monday, January 30, 2006 

Anger: Iran

While perusing my blogroll, I ran across this piece on The Young Conservatives. My reaction is in the extended entry:

While the President is talking with the Iranian President, the nuke programs continue. While the EU recoils in shock the Uranium enrichment proceeds, while we debate what might be, Israel burns.

Yes, Israel is a strong military power in the region, but all their might will melt into nothing once Iran has a bomb. I have no doubt that the very first test of their bomb will be over Israel.

Removing the threat now is much less costly than later. As of now, we can fight on the battlefield of our own choosing, against weapons that we can defend against. Give them time and we lose our advantage as well as our only true ally in the region.

You made the point when you said
unless, he is completely insane
He is and they are. Do you really doubt that this President isn't spending all his free time pushing the button that will launch the missiles once the bomb is ready?

I have not written much on Iran even though it is a hot topic. Regular readers will know that I am a hawk and support Israel, but I am not sure that I have made clear just how far that support goes. The above comment is a hint.

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