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Sunday, January 29, 2006 

Envy: Sheehan's Takeover

Glenn Reynolds asks:

IS CINDY SHEEHAN becoming the voice of the new Democratic Party? Hey, they used to dismiss Kos as fringe, and now he's mainstream.
To which I say, "Woo-Hoo!". As I said yesterday it seems that the moonbat wing completing the takeover of the party would be a good thing for the country, that is until I thought about it some.

It could be a bad thing for everyone.

Despite Prof. Reynolds' phrasing, she already is the voice of the Democratic Party. If the somewhat more sane donkeys don’t mount a strong offensive they will lose control and allow the Republicans move further into "Democrat Lite"-land. Let’s face it, who ever heard of a "moderate offensive"?

Spending like drunken sailors is how the Democrats gained and held power for so long. Ultimately, the Republicans won favor by being the "party of small government and low taxes" and, in my humble opinion, gave the country a chance to turn around Carter's malaise. If the Republicans slide further into the honeypot of "spending to power", who will save us?

The country needs a real opposition party, if the Sheehan/Moore wing of the Democrats take over it can’t be the Democrats. In that case it will have to be the Republicans after they lose power to a new party that will need to be formed.

A wingnut rooting for the Democrats to regain some strength... Strange bedfellows indeed.

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