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Tuesday, December 13, 2005 

Sloth: Stand by your Man!

Maybe those "Bring 'em home now" types have met this woman:

Navy Wife Carries Mannequin in Place of Husband.

Walker says she stands by her man because he's a doll. Literally. She has a mannequin that eerily resembles her husband, a sailor on the USS West Virginia.
Strange, but OK... I can sort of see it
Walker bought her stand-in man for $200 and she takes him everywhere.

He's been to the movie theater, Victoria's Secret, and the gas station to buy lottery tickets.

The couple attracts lots of attention.
I'll bet they do!
Her husband, DB Walker, had no idea at first, but word quickly spread to the submarine, and he thinks it's hilarious.
Yeah... hilarious... If I were him, I would bust a gut. Years from now, they will look back and laugh. The kind of laugh one hears in the halls of a clean, brightly lit building.

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