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Sunday, December 11, 2005 

Sloth: NFL Week 14

Season 11-16 (Can anyone spare some change for a brother down on his luck?)

Bye-Bye Reggie Bush, but it still feels good to win. Well, not really WIN, but I am still happy for Brett.    

Update: A rare win deserves more comment.

Question: Who is the dumbest player in the NFL?
Answer: Shaun Rogers

What kind of moron picks up a tailback, which is already out of bounds, and tosses him into the bench? Joe Theismann (I think) made a comment that was quite profound at this point in the game. He said (roughly): “Great Players make dumb plays on teams that haven’t learned how to win”. This is quite true and applies to the Lions very well.

Samkon Gato. Wow. The cost of resigning Ahman and Najeh just dropped.

The death of Monday Night Football is something I am looking forward to, mainly because it has become a parody of itself since the self-parodying John Madden came into the booth. By contrast, the ESPN Sunday Night Football crew is funny and interesting without taking away from the game. They took a meaningless game (to the rest of the NFL) and got into it. This is a team that I would go out of my way to see.

Just one example of how the Sunday guys are vastly superior to the Monday dregs. Last night the Sunday guys did the required, over-the-top worship of Brett Favre, but during the game they were just as tough on him (when appropriate) as on any other quarterback. In fact, at some points in the game you would think that the Hall-of-Fame QB on the field was Jeff Garcia. The Monday losers fawn all over Brett all game long. The worst is when they are praising him when he isn’t even on the field, even to the exclusion of the action on the field.

Of course, unless Brett comes back next year (I think he will), Packer fans will have to worry about getting on during prime time. They wouldn’t even get a 3:00 start.

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