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Saturday, December 10, 2005 

Sloth: NFL Week 14

The Lions are a mess. That is nothing new; they have been also-rans in good years and spoilers in the bad years. The have a history of messing with the minds of Packer fans. Playing well above their heads when the Packers needed the win for post-season positioning, even getting within a failed 2-pointer of spoiling the Packer season on Thanksgiving a few years back. For a weak sister in a division of weak sisters, the Lions have been tough on the Packers. Now the situation is drastically changed for the Packers, one in which the team and the fans only have distant memories. For the lions, playing out the string for no good reason is an every year occurrence.

Lions (4-8) at Packers (2-10) (-6) OU: 35.5

The Packers looked every bit the part of a high draft pick team last week against the crippled Eagles. In fact, they made the Eagles look like contenders and Mike McMahon look like an NFL Quarterback, which is saying something. Not only did the offense fail the team, but also the run defense allowed one of the worst rushing offenses in the league walk all over them. Since the Eagles (and others) used the run so well against the Packers, the Packer defense has the nonsense #1 Pass Defense ranking. That goes to show just how useless these types of rankings are.

The news is really no better for the Lions. Dick Jauron is not the answer and knows it. The season can’t end fast enough for these guys as was seen last week against a miserable Vikings team. This team has given up and does not even have the motivation of playing for the job of a beloved coach. Why is Matt Millen still on the payroll and Mooch is out in the cold? This is typical of a failing franchise.

Brett Favre is going to pass a few milestones in this game. His 14th 3,000 yard season is 9 yards away and his 12th consecutive 20+ TD pass season will happen on the next TD pass. I hope that we get these celebrations over with early, like a 78 yard TD to Donald Driver on the first play from scrimmage.

At 2-10 the Packers are in contention in the “Reggie Bush Sweepstakes”. The Lions at 4-8 are only in the running for yet another new coaching staff. Who wins? The team that needs the loss more than it needs a win, in other words the Packers will win going away.

I am giving the points and taking the OVER.

Lions 10
Packers 31

Fantasy Players: Brett Favre, Samkon Gato

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