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Saturday, November 19, 2005 

Sloth: NFL Week 11

How a 2-7 team is favored by more than a fieldgoal over a 4-5 team, I will never know.

Vikings(4-5) at Packers(2-7) (–4.5) Over/Under: 44.5

The Packers showed some signs of life last week by soundly beating an Atlanta team that was clearly looking to this week’s game. The Packers were superior in every aspect of the game and deserved the win. NFL Rookie of the Week Samkon Godo is a clut figure. The question is can he do it two weeks in a row and under the bright lights of Monday Night Football. Robert Ferguson reinjured his knee in practice, leaving the WR situation in dire straights. The Defense was sharp and continues to surprise, Bates is a master.

On the other sideline, trouble looms. The Vikings stole a game from the Giants last week. They scored 3 Touchdowns, 2 on kick returns and one by Darren “the traitorous bastard” Sharper on an interception runback. Special Teams and Defense accounted for all but 3 of the Viking points. If the Giants play better on Special Teams, they win the game. The Vikings Offense was not on the East Coast last week for the game in New Jersey.

Culpepper is out for the season; this news is a mixed bag for the Packer Defense. They will not have to do nearly as much chasing the QB as last week against Atlanta, but I think that the Vikings are better off the Brad Johnson at QB. This guy won a SuperBowl, so you have to give him respect. His is not mobile, so pass rushers are free to use all means to get to him. The Packers will not have to commit anyone to spy the QB against the run, but Brad is an exceptional passer so the DBs are on the spot.

I am going to give the points and take the OVER.

Vikings 17
Packers 31

Fantasy Players: Samkon Goto and in a shocker, Antonio Chatman

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