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Friday, November 18, 2005 

Anger: Iraq

I don’t get it. What are we, as a people, thinking? I just can’t fathom how any rational person can conclude that an immediate withdrawal of our troops in Iraq is anything but a completely disastrous idea. There are only 2 explanations for pushing this idea: You have massive head trauma or you want the United States to lose the Global War on Terror.

Anyone that does not have massive head trauma should be able to see that an immediate pullout, as well as a “timetable”, would not only cause Iraq to fall into a far more dangerous situation than before the war, but would virtually guarantee that troops would have to be reinserted in pretty short order. How does inflicting the will of the jihadis on the Iraqi people in the short term and making the world a much more dangerous place in the long term “Support our Troops”? Maybe these traitors only love today’s troops and not the fine young men and women that will make up our future armed forces.

The latest example of rampant stupidity is the speech given by Rep. John Murtha (D - PA). There is no need for me to go into specifics, Paul at Wizbang! does as good a job as any in smacking down the plan and Jeff is all over it as well.

I can see how that average Joe that isn’t paying attention might be swayed by the cheerleaders pushing the meme that “everyone” wants out of Iraq without delay. The MSM is certainly pushing this aggressively and the treasonous left (YES, I am questioning their patriotism) sees the opportunity and is pulling out the stops to help feed the meme.

Again, how can anyone with two functioning brain cells to rub together not understand that pulling out, or even giving a timetable for a pullout, will cause Iraq to fall to the jihadis and require yet another war to remove them from an entrenched position after the next 9-11 type atrocity?

I believe we are on the cusp of a major victory for humanity in Iraq. Surrender is not an option.

UPDATE: Confederate Yankee has a must read post.

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