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Saturday, November 19, 2005 

Pride: Pushback is a ...

Sometimes the House leadership gets it.

The Donkeys just can’t help it. They find something that will capture the imagination of the MSM and push it too far. The stunt they pulled by trotting out Rep. John Murtha during one of his mood swings was probably thought as a masterstroke by the genius Democrat “brain trust”. The Dems made a pretty safe bet that the Republicans wouldn’t have the stomach to call the vote, which was the only thing that could have backfired on them.

They were wrong, 403-3 wrong.

By calling a vote on the foolish bill put forth during the stunt, the Republican leadership managed to kill a talking point that would have been given a great deal of airtime on the MSM over the slow news days that are sure to come due to the holiday. We were blessed in that we will now be spared from the MSM hammering the meme of how the war in Iraq has gone from bad to worse and now even “hawks” are calling for a pullout.

Not challenging the rewriting of history: Costly.
Opponents trotting out a “hawk”: Very Costly.
Smacking down your opponents with their own bill: Priceless.


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