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Monday, November 14, 2005 

Anger: Torture

Dave, Jay Tea and Rob have recent posts regarding the bill advocated by Senator McCain that bans the use of torture of prisoners in US custody.

I agree with them, but they tip-toe around the best reason to oppose this bill.

I WANT the jihadis to have the threat of torture in the back of their tiny little brains when they are considering taking up arms against our service people or our citizens. I want every young punk that wants the promised 72 virgins to see themselves in the pictures from Abu Ghraib. I want them to think that they might end up in a CIA “black prison camp”. I want them scared crapless about fighting the US because they will be killed or worse yet, captured and tortured. To Hell with the opinions of the Left, the French and assorted other morons.

As it stands, captured jihadis have little to worry about thanks to the fifth column. Getting captured means winning an all-expense paid trip to the Caribbean with all the prayer mats and copies of the Qur’an they want. Conditions at Gitmo are probably better than in their God-forsaken homes.

This isn’t about what other people think of us, its about winning the war.

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