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Monday, November 21, 2005 

Sloth: NFL Monday Blues

Why, YES, I AM ready for some football...

I really hate Monday Night Football, but then again what's not to hate?

Waiting an extra day and staying up well past your bedtime (I know, WUSS) to see your favorite team?

The insufferable Madden?

The stupid banter about horses or cars or just about anything but football?

The overblown theme "music" and production graphics? (Get off the flame filter dudes)

How about all of the above?

Try this tonight, if your TV/Cable/Sat Company provides a Spanish language alternate audio program, switch to it. WAY more enteraining than Madden. It's even better if you don't speak Spanish, all you get is gibberish and then a player name. Really fun, try it!

I got this idea from my youth in Wisconsin where many people turn down the sound on the TV and listened to the local radio broadcast (Jim Irwin and Max McGee, alas since retired). The radio delay takes getting use to, but is well worth it when the TV people are so dam stupid.

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