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Friday, June 02, 2006 

Pride: Evil Corporation and E85

This ought to make a few heads explode:

Wal-Mart weighs selling ethanol-based fuel

The world's largest retailer brought together a group of industry, government and academic experts on alternative fuels in Washington last week to discuss how Wal-Mart could develop a network for supplying gas stations at its stores and Sam's Clubs with E-85 fuel.
Lefties: But...but... Wal-Mart is EVIL! It must be a trick!

Seriously, this sounds like major progress, and it is, but not as huge as it sounds at first glance. Wal-Mart only directly controls about 380 stations. There are currently around 600 stations currently offering E85. Don't get me wrong, a 50%+ increase in outlets is great and all, but when you see "Wal-Mart" and "E85" together, you think "Holy Cow! E85 is gonna be mainstream!" (at least I did).

The main benefit to the E85 cause (if Wal-Mart decides to hop on the bandwagon) will be the development of a retail Ethanol delivery infrastructure. More outlets are great, but bringing in Wal-Mart and its superior logistics know-how will be a major step forward.

Viva Wal-Mart!

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