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Wednesday, May 31, 2006 

Pride: Blogwar

Watching a blogwar from the sidelines is always fun, but this one was both extra fun and very disturbing as it seemed to me that Jeff was working very hard not to be dragged into the typical shouting match. No doubt he got his zingers in, but always he came back to the original point.

I admit it; I was skipping the original point of Jeff’s blogwar. Every time I tried to get the jist of the arguments, my tiny little brain hurt. After the latest series, I decided once more to try and get my head around the original argument.

I read as much as I could stand and thought I had it. The basic premise seemed to be to simple to argue. I must have missed something so I sent the following email to Jeff to confirm.

To: "Jeff Goldstein"
Sent: Tuesday, May 30, 2006 6:42 PM
Subject: The "argument"

I really hate to bother you with this, but could you please verify that I actually managed to grok the thrust of the argument. I email so as to avoid a public embarrassment.

Your position is that the only authentic meaning of a work is the meaning that the author intended to convey. Any other interpretation is a creation of the interpreter made from whole cloth.

If this is a correct impression, WTF are the lefties on about? It seems utterly stupid to argue against this position.

If this is not embarrassing to me, I would like to post this exchange on 7 Deadly Sins. With your kind permission, of course.

If it IS embarrassing, the secretary will disavow all knowledge.

Thanks for your time.

To which Jeff responds
Close. The only authentic meaning for purposes of interpretation is the meaning the author intended. Interpreters can make meaning, too, but they are simply re-writing the text.
I did miss a small nuance (I am a wingnut afterall), but it seems that I understand. My immediate reaction was “WTD Dude?!”, but lucky for me the communication medium was text so I had time to elaborate:
The only question that remains is why I can get close (being a Business Major that took 20 years to complete a BS) while a Holder of a Masters can be so far off?

My respect for advanced degrees is deteriorating at a very high rate.

May I have your permission to post this?
Sure thing.

So there you have it. In a nutshell, the original point is pretty much indisputable, one might say (at least to the layman) obvious.

So, Dear Readers, what the heck are the lefties on about?

Update: Stewie:
I say, Rupert, this paste is quite delicious. It’s almost worth the bowel obstruction!!!
If Jeff is a paste-eater, pass the paste!

(Linked: basil's picnic)

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