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Thursday, June 01, 2006 

Lust: Loud Engines

I think I may be missing a gene that most other men possess. Other men seem to find the roar of an un-muffled vehicle engine to be a good thing.

I find it annoying.

I saw a really nice motorcycle today, it was all shiny and cool and yes I lusted for a bit of that coolness. That is until the owner started it up. Seeing that the rest of the cycle was in great working order and that the owner took great pride in his well polished ride, it was astonishing to me to find that the muffler on this vehicle was either removed or completely defective. The gathered crowd grunted approvingly at the racket the bike made.

That is the moment when I realized that I was missing some essential part of the he-man nature.

I am also reminded of other motorcycles and “big ass” trucks that also have defective mufflers in this, the loudest micro-town in America. I realize now that the drivers of these vehicles often rev up their engines to “gawd-awful loudness mode” when they see friends nearby. This further reinforces the absence of a “loud engine appreciation” gene in my make up.

Am I alone in this or are there other men with the same affliction?

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