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Friday, May 19, 2006 

Anger: Louisiana

This is one seriously messed up state, and not because of Hurricanes (weather and drink types).

Last year they passed a law to intice game developers to come to Louisiana with tax breaks.

The Digital Media Act, Senate Bill 341 of the Louisiana legislature, has been passed into law by Governor Kathleen Blanco. The bill gives video game developers who set up shop in Louisiana a 20 percent tax credit provided they remain in operation for the long term and build working relationships with Louisiana universities.
Now it looks like they hate game developers.
The Louisiana House of Representatives has passed Democratic Representative Roy Burrell's HB1381 bill, covering violent video games, by an unanimous measure of 102-0 on Tuesday.
(bold mine)

What gives Louisiana? Is this childish retribution because the game industry didn't flock to your state last year? Maybe because the SIGGRAPH Conference has bypassed you since 2000?

I guess the Louisiana House feels like it has too much money lying around. How else could you explain the rush to pour more of the taxpayer's money into the pockets of the trial lawyers? Don't you guys have bigger fish to fry?

Linked: basil's picnic and Leaning Straight Up

Update: Aww comon Lou, don't be playin' me like dat... Hate the game, not the playa...

Update II: Ray "School Bus" Nagin Re-elected? No way! ... Really?

Even Reggie Bush and Drew Brees can't help now...

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