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Monday, May 15, 2006 

Anger: Tonight's Address

As you are getting ready for what should be a very (very) depressing Presidential Address, don't forget to head over to the (insert one: Beer Depot/Party Store/Liquor Outlet) and stock up for Gateway Pundit's Drinking Game. If you take Allahpundit's "enhancements", you should be headed to the hospital within the first half-hour.

My favorite?

- This is not amnesty- Naked pyramid,... tequila, chug!
Naked pyramid... as if there was any other way to watch a Presidential Address...

If the reports of a lousy 10,000 National Guard troops (lousy number, not the NG) are correct, I will officially be off the Bush/Republican plantation. My support for the war is larger than Mr. Bush, but I will write my own name in this November. This will put me over the “Speaker Pelosi”/“Chairman Rangle” objection I have to that action.

I will be looking for:
  • Fence/Wall: BUILD IT
  • Employer Sanctions (SEVERE)
  • Enforcement of current law
  • Increased sweeps of suspect workplaces
  • Busts at any and all Rallys of Illegals
  • The Border Patrol will respond quickly to citizen reports and fully cooperate with the Minutemen
Anyway, I will be watching. I may be live-blogging if I survive the first 10 minutes of the drinking game.

UPDATE: I am going to substitute Leinies for the XX. If I am going to be drinking to excess, I might as well enjoy the taste.

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