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Wednesday, May 17, 2006 

Anger: More BDS Fun

I know, I have already highlighted this textbook example of BDS and we already had lots of fun at his expense, but dammit he just outdid himself. Check out this post.

Because some Mexicans could come up here! Some icky, icky brown people could come up here, and they might somehow get on welfare, which would tax the social services. And there's no other big project right now that any money could be pulled from, now is there? Besides, a tiny scintilla of that money might come out of YOUR BANK ACCOUNT now that your Commander in Thief has cut taxes for the richest of the rich once again.
Ah... sweet, sweet BDS! Because, you know, if you aren't for open borders, amnesty, income redistribution and the importation of poverty then you are a dirty dirty racist.

Excuse me, I've rounded up some "icky, icky brown people" and forced them up here (at gunpoint) to tend the gardens at the palatial Casa Sins. Once they are done I plan on beating the tar out of them while they thank me for not calling the INS, then I'll lock them in the pool shed until the lawn gets a bit rough again. It’s hard to get good help these days. The palace I live in would be unmanageable if those detestable people in Congress get their draconian wall in place.

Now, if we could only find a way to distill Ethanol from the used up "icky, icky brown people" that I have piled up behind the mansion.

Who knew you needed to feed them every day?

Update: Meditate.

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