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Tuesday, May 16, 2006 

Anger: Immigration Question

On a serious note now, please don’t call me a racist or engage other ad hominem attacks.

I have seen lots of reaction and I have yet to see anyone really examine the one measure that I think would solve the whole problem, though I will admit it may be simplistic.

Why not gear up employer enforcement and levy a very hefty fine for every illegal that is hired? I would suggest a nice round number like $100,000. The threat of a $100,000 fine would stop me in my tracks if I were considering breaking the immigration laws. The President’s biometric ID cards would take away any doubt that an employer “didn’t know” or was “fooled”.

Wouldn’t draining the swamp of jobs cause the illegal immigrants to pack up and go since the reason to sneak across the border was to get these jobs? We wouldn’t need the 6,000 National Guardsmen or really any more Border Patrol officers since we wouldn’t care to stop the flow of Illegal immigrants out of the US.

I am totally serious about this, I really want to know why this isn’t part of the mix.

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