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Thursday, February 23, 2006 

Anger: Drug Lord Update

This is a purely self-indulgent post. Though some of my readers have expressed interest, so maybe not..

See the links below to get caught up on this ongoing soap opera.

In this post, I laid out my options regarding the neighbor’s use of the place as a drug store. I have been distracted by other events in real life, work suddenly going nuts, side business heating up, DSL fun and various and sundry personal issues. Having gotten some of those issues under control, this one bubbles back to the top of the stack. What I have done is sent my wife and daughter to visit my mother-in-law (out of town) using the excuse that work is under “crunch time” and I will not be home much (or blogging much for that matter). This is true and we have done this in the past, but it’s not the real reason this time. I wanted to get them out of harms way, even if only for a week or two. I am thinking that this is the time to go ahead and call in the cops. I am not there much and, most importantly, the family is safely out of town. Yet, waiting for the eviction in a month or so is also appealing, in a gutless, cowardly and hypocritical way.

In other “neighbor trash” news:

One of the upstairs residents has a new job. One of the regular cars now has a “Dominos Pizza” light on the roof. This shows some clever thinking (or blind stupidity) on their part. What better “legit” job is there for a drug dealer than a pizza delivery gig? I wonder what I would get if I called Dominos (as if!) and asked for the “super seekrit special”.

The new trash pile (now out of sight from the road, but not from me) grows. It is getting to be about as big as the pile in the original posting. It is now growing out from the house and well into my parking spot. I had to move a couple bags in order to park yesterday.

The landlord is screening his incoming calls, so I have not been able to get in contact with him. I have sent one-half the rent with a note that the rest will be sent once the trash is removed, both figuratively and literally. Maybe that will get some action. Anyone out there know (as I suspect) that if he were to move to evict me on non-payment grounds he would be a very unhappy camper?

As the drug trade grows upstairs, the traffic in the parking area and up and down the stairs is getting quite heavy. The late night traffic is heaviest and noisiest. This level of traffic would certainly have tipped me off to the drug situation (at least I like to tell myself that) as it is MUCH heavier and the state of the “visitors” is pretty apparent. Incoming: nervous and desperate. Outgoing: drunk and disorderly.  

While not excusing this behavior, I can’t help thinking that if the local liquor store legally sold this crap; I wouldn’t be in this situation.

Previous posts: here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Update: Had to run home for a sec (joys of living blocks from work!) and saw the local police drive by (slowly) 3 times and another squad parked in the church parking lot (across the street) facing the house. It seems that I didn't need to call, but I think I still will.

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