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Monday, February 06, 2006 

Anger: Neighbor Trash Update

To get caught up on this saga, see here, here, here and here.

Some have said that "Hillbilly" was not the right term and I hate "White Trash" so I am coining "Neighbor Trash". This extra appropriate since the trash problem is still issue #1.

The previous pile was hauled away by the Fire Marshall. I guess the landlord called him and he acted because the trash was visible from the street. So our dimwitted friends proved that they have a couple of functioning brain cells and started piling it up out of sight from the street. They didn't make a connection that they should hire the local trash company to haul it away on a regular basis, but this is progress of a sort. The pile is getting large again and is now located right next to my parking spot. It's still better than in front of the house, but I get to pass it a couple of times a day.

The kicker is that we are now fighting with the trash company, who understandably wants to be paid for services rendered, but has unjustly billed us for 2 months running for the trash they hauled off before I complained. One person there has said that we will not be billed, but we just got a new bill and the charge is still there including a late fee. I have left a message for the billing person and the person I talked to before.

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