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Monday, February 13, 2006 

Anger: Neighbor Trash Update

We had a visit from the landlord last week (before I was sick). He tells a tale that I find hard to believe. It seems that he filed to have the Neighbor Trash evicted. Problem was that the paperwork had the wrong names on it so the court tossed out the whole case. The names on the court papers matched the names on the lease, but their legal names are slightly different than the ones on the paperwork. (Add an ā€œsā€ to the end of the last name). So the story goes that he just refilled the paperwork with the correct names and the court date is at the end of March.

If this story is correct, I am amazed at the rampant stupidity of the landlord. How could he have does a credit check on these people if he had the wrong names. Even if he used a SSN for the credit check, how did he not notice that the name was different from the ones on the application? Of course, if he did a credit check he would never have rented the place to them in the first place.

You have to admire the scam. Give a slightly off name on a lease, never make a payment and then when the poor sap landlord finally gets fed up you get 2 more months free rent.

I am starting to feel bad for the landlord, I mean something like 5 months of no rent and whatever damage they have done up there. I do feel for him, even if he brought some of it on himself. Speaking of damage, I am pretty sure they understand that the papers have been filed because I have heard a disturbing number of loud crashes and pounding up there. One crash so severe, it broke 2 of 3 glass lampshades on our living room ceiling fan. I hate to think what caused it and what shape the upstairs apartment is in right now.

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