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Wednesday, December 21, 2005 

Anger: Game Schools

I have been defending the games industry pretty vehemently the last few days. I want to clearly state for new readers that I DO NOT advocate that anyone consider the industry as a career path. I have commented a number of times on my distain for “Game Degree Programs” and the horrid working conditions common in the industry. I have also chronicled my (partial) exit from the industry as well as my outrage for the lack of morals and basic human resource management in the work environment.

Most of all go and (re)read EA Spouse, that experience is typical and in my experience mild.

I say all of this because Google AdSense has picked up my use of video game keywords and is starting to display ads for “Game Degree Programs”. These “programs” are evil, pure and simple. They are churning out thousands and thousands of eager young minds with freshly minted degrees to compete for the tens of jobs that may be available to them. They feed the industry to the extent that the slimes in management can continue to burn out employees as fast as possible because there will be hungry kids waiting in the wings for the jobs vacated by the recently “institutionalized”. Most of all they are a drain on the quality of games as jobs become more fungible and experienced people (the ones that make quality games) are forced out of the industry by burnout or low pay.

I want to be VERY CLEAR that I DO NOT ENDORSE these programs nor do I advocate that ANYONE enter the games industry, at least until the industry cleans up its human resource/quality of life issues. Then only if you have your eyes open and understand what you are getting into AND have a backup plan.

But that doesn’t mean you are excused from clicking on EACH AND EVERY AD ON THE SITE! The more you click, the faster the ads disappear.

Update: Oh My GOD! Now my site is advertising DigiPen! For the love of all that is good in the world, HELP ME!

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