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Thursday, May 26, 2005 

Pride: Saved a life

I am proud of myself today because I think I may have saved a life. Here is the story...

A mom came into my office today looking for someone to talk to about the game industry. It seems her high-school aged son was interested in nothing else but being a game programmer. I went into my "Momma, don't let you babies grow up to be gamers" shtick and her eyes went wide. A few minutes later this fine example of a Mother returned with her son in tow and asked me to talk some sense into him. I went over the points I have made in this post and this post. The kid looked stricken as I related the news that the game business is not fit for humans. They left my office and the mom had the "we are SOOOO going to have a talk" look on her face. I am sure the boy's spirit will be crushed.

I hate to do that to a kid, but I believe it was for his own good. Dude, if you are reading this, go to college, drink beer, chase skirts and get a useful degree. If you still want to beat your head against the game industry wall, by all means do so, but at least have a backup plan for when the game world comes crashing down around your ears. My guess is that you will be more interested in chasing tail and getting drunk with your buddies than going back to a life in the basement of your mom’s house and never seeing females, let alone interacting with them.

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