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Thursday, November 10, 2005 

Sloth: NFL Week 10

Is it over yet? In some ways... yes, but we have more suffering to do before this nightmare ends.

The schedule gets better, but not until NEXT week (then only slightly better).

Packers(1-7) at Falcons(6-2) (-9) Over/Under: 41.5

Michael Vick is ready and has a history of beating the Packers.

The Falcons will bring a potent running attack against the over-achieving Packers defense. With so many different options the Falcons have in their ground game, the Packers will face the biggest challenge of the season. Coupled with the troubles that Offense has scoring and with turnovers, it looks to be a very long day for our heroes.

Last week, it seemed Samkon Gato was the second coming of Dorsey Levins as the running game looked better than it has all season. Too bad for the Packers that his performance was only stellar in comparison to the other 7 games this year. Ferguson might be back for the game, but I would think that maybe playing in Atlanta on Artificial Turf would be a bad choice for a first game back from a knee injury. At least they got rid of the guy named “Taco”.

The Falcons are a Super Bowl contender, the Packers are a “First pick of the draft” contender. Championship teams don’t lose these kinds of games and I don’t expect Vick and the Falcons to fall into a trap baited by something as scrawny as the Packers.

I am giving the points and taking the OVER.

Packers 10
Falcons 38

Fantasy Player: Michael Vick, Samkon Gato (What the hell?)

Update: Oh, for the love of God...

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