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Thursday, September 29, 2005 

Pride: We MUST fight on

I was just wondering if we have forgotten what we are fighting in Iraq and in the world at large. I rarely see the dire warnings of what radical Islam is and why it must be fought. I can’t even remember the last time I heard someone educate the masses on what Islam really is and how the “civil rights” groups that apologize for Islam are disingenuous at best, a willing tool of our enemies at worst. I dimly remember some bloggers writing about the GWOT as a struggle for the very existence of Western Civilization. When was the last time you saw something like that?

Are we really that stupid? A few years with no terrorism in the US and we just go back to our pre-911 lives? Why hasn’t the President kept this on the front burner? I know that the hurricanes have taken the spotlight away for the GWOT, which is right and proper, but I think we have lost our way long before the storms. We are now more interested in Pork, taxes, the price of gas and Cindy Sheehan’s panties.

I fully admit that I have fallen into this trap, I am just as guilty as anyone of the sin of Pride that allows us to think that we have won and the enemy is vanquished. Last weekend's rally in DC proves the point, there are people that really think we should give up the fight.

Just Another MN Girl provides a needed service with this reminder. It starts with a Burger King packaging graphic that might look like “Allah” written in Arabic and goes on to a very good litany of reasons we need to fight for our civilization.

Go read the whole thing, there is no point in giving a snippet here.

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