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Thursday, September 29, 2005 

Pride: A new day for Biodiesel

Today is the Minnesota's mandate for B2 (2% biodiesel/98% Petro-based) goes into effect. I will point you to this article, but the schmucks at the Pioneer Press require registration. Not only do they require it, they made it as painful as possible. So if you don't follow the link (I suggest you DON'T), here is the money graf:

"Biodiesel in Minnesota is where ethanol was almost a decade ago, when that mandate first took effect," Dayton said. "People had concerns about the reliability and the effect on their engines, and this will show those concerns are unfounded. We give lip service to reducing our dependency on foreign oil, but ethanol and biodiesel are the best and really only alternatives we have right now."
Lip service is just about all I see. Getting off oil is a National Security issue, we need to support efforts like this and see other states get into the game.

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