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Saturday, September 24, 2005 

Anger: Anti-War

My anger is directed at the lying bastards that have organized the rally today in DC.

My sorrow is that a number, albeit a small one, of unthinking and easily led people have showed up. These lost souls have no idea what they are supporting.

The hard-core are flying flags of Egypt and Palestine, holding signs that indirectly are asking for the overturning of the rule of law, spouting softened anti-Semitism. They spew out distorted and disproven facts and make outrageous claims. All the while they completely understand that they are doing, leading the unthinking astray for their own political agenda, which has nothing to do with Iraq. The hard truth is that the organizers of this rally don’t care about the country, the US or Iraq, they don’t care anything about human rights or peace. In fact, they care about only 2 things: in the short term overturning the 2004 elections and in the long term bringing the US under control of a Socialist regime.

Elections in this country mean something. If you lose, you oppose, you speak out, and you persuade. You don’t flail wildly calling for the election to be overturned. You don’t undermine the country, you don’t demonize the majority, and you don’t spread hate. You certainly don’t call for actions that are clearly bad for the country.

You don’t call for actions that would cause millions to die.

Update: Photobloging the Anti-Anti-War response.

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