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Monday, September 19, 2005 

Sloth: Rockstar: INXS Predictions

Feeling fine after pulling back to .500 in the Packer Predictions, I will push my luck and predict the final winner for Rockstar: INXS.

I am not sure what to expect as far as the format of the show on Tuesday. I suspect that it will take on the feel of a Wednesday elimination show with the three singers taking on an INXS hit. It seems to me that this performance will be irrelevant, at least if INXS is sane (which is debatable at this point). I simply cannot believe that they don’t already have a decision in hand and anything that happens Tuesday night will be fluff and theatre. With this in mind, I will try not to over analyze the song selection. In past weeks, it seems to me that the band gave out songs based on foreknowledge of who was in the bottom 3 and what order they would be called upon to sing. For instance, last week INXS gave Mig the easiest song in the back catalog for his style, clearly signaling that he was going to get a pass. This is not to say anything is wrong with that, they need to get someone right for the band as well as drive up ratings for CBS. Now that the show is over, future ratings don’t mean anything so INXS will be free to do what is right for them without CBS interference. I am absolutely positive that CBS was driving some of the eliminations in a way to drive up ratings, its called showmanship, I guess. At least this would explain why JD has made it this far.

On to the predictions:

I refuse to believe that JD is the band’s choice. In my mind he should have been booted the week he showed up for a recording session without learning the song. The only explanation is that CBS felt the ratings demanded he stay and pressured the band to keep him. INXS seems to be a very professional and together group, it would be crazy to introduce someone that doesn’t work and play well with others.

I still think Mig is doomed by two factors: his Broadway style and his nationality. INXS is old news. They need to make the most of the opportunity that CBS has given them to make a comeback. This means appealing to a US audience. I don’t mean to say that Mig wouldn't appeal to a large segment of the US audience, but I think it would call into question the integrity of the show and of the band. Would Mig be a good choice? Certainly better than JD, but he has too much baggage to be a safe choice.

That leaves Marty. I believe this is the best choice of the three. He is a team player, takes the music business seriously, has talents beyond his voice and will provide the band with something closer to “up to date” than “Rockstar: Elvis” or “Rockstar: CATS”.

After almost a week, I am still steamed that Suzie is out. She was a better fit than Marty in voice and talent, while less than perfect in public personae.

Good Luck guys!

Check in tomorrow for live blogging, with maybe a slight TiVo delay.

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