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Tuesday, September 20, 2005 

Sloth: Rockstar:INXS Final Liveblogging

The show is starting, check back for updates below...

Of course, Blogger is not happening...

It's a JD lovefest.

How do you set a record in something completely new? Duh...

A shot of Mig without his shirt! Who would have thought.

Yap Yap Yap

Not only can I not publish, but it seems blogspot.com is completely down. Figures.

I should mention (if I ever get online) that I am liveblogging, so if you don't want to see the progress of the show, come back tomorrow.

Mig is first for retrospective and singing. Is "Bohemian Rhapsody" a wise choice? It doesn't do much to get him away from the theatre. Nice job though...

JD is next. "Outspoken???" "Can't always get what you want" is a good choice for him.
Open your eyes, dude! Getting a County/Western vibe for some reason. Is my bias getting in the way or does he really suck?

Marty retrospective. Others did something new, Marty does "Wish you were here", which he has done before. Mistake?

Now Blogger is completely down. (Communists!)

It is not a mistake by Marty, this is fantastic! I am not much of a Pink Floyd fan, but I am totally into this.

First booting prediction: (as if there is any doubt of who I would choose) JD!

Dam, I miss TiVo! Frickin’ commercial! I totally forgot how long commercial breaks are... zzzZZZzzz... Whenever you can spare the time, toro...

Mig? Well, not too disappointing. Marty moves one step closer. Classy exit!

Not unexpected, but a real nice touch to have the last songs played by INXS. They should have done that throughout the show.

Blogspot still down... Serves me right for being cheap!

Lasers, How 80s!

Marty is first. He seems flat, could he choke right at the end? [shutter]

How come the "House Band" is better than INXS?

JD gets the most recognizable song, the fix is in.

The "House Band" IS better then INXS!

JD seemed flat, maybe because the house band has more "punch"...

Hey guys! Remember that JD is an ASS that can't be bothered to prepare for recording sessions!

Commercials! Here it comes! Screw Dave Navarro! Shut the hell up!

Done, forget it, no frickin' way. Welcome to the bargin bin.

[SoupNazi]No sale for you![/SoupNazi]

With Marty as the opening act, he will be the reason to go to the show. INXS is second rate, a novelty act.

The series was entertaining, even considering that I feel like I wasted my time and energy. The music was worth it.

Update: Thanks to inspiration from commenter “marty_fan”, I hit on this little piece of comedy:

Now appearing on the Main Stage at the Kansas State Fair, "INXS" opening for "Styx"!

Rock on Dudes, rock on...

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