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Wednesday, September 21, 2005 

Anger: E85 Report

Anger this week because my "Check Engine Light" (CEL) went back on. Going to the next nearest Ford Dealer (Here is the reason I can't go to my local dealer), I seem to be getting the same cock and bull story about using only E85 or E10, i.e. don't mix them. Problem is that I have been running just E85 for a number of tanks. I pressed the dealer on the info I got from the E85 forum gang and got some results...

Just got a call from the dealer and he found the technical service bulletin and also found 2 updates to the on board computer software regarding hard starts and FFV mix issues. The updates have been applied and all seems good, for now.

I will be picking up the car later today. I have high hopes that the computer updates will fix the problem.

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