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Saturday, September 24, 2005 

Sloth: Week 3 Packer Predictions

I expected to be 2-0, instead they are 0-2. Never in my worst nightmares did I expect the Packers to be quite so bad. Without Bubba Franks and almost surely going back to starting Carroll , it doesn’t look like relief is coming soon.

Buccaneers (2-0) at Packers (0-2) (+3.5) Over/Under: 37.5

“Cadillac” Williams looks like the steal of the draft. The stong running game is key for a team Quarterbacked by Brian Griese. The one mighty defense has slipped, but is also bolstered by a good running game. The Bucs are not there yet, but are certainly better than in past years. They could be another of the teams that make a splash by playing conservative ball. Not fun to watch, but a wining strategy, just ask the 2000 Ravens.

The Packers are hurting, physically as well as emotionally. Brett Favre has been quoted as feeling that he has to do more to make the tea win, this is dangerous for Brett. It was his attitude early in his career. We need “1996 Brett”, not “1992 Brett”. Amman Green has yet to get on track, but his supporting cast is clearly not as good as in past years. Losing Javon Walker is going to shift more pressure on Green and the running game.

The one pleasant surprise is that the Packer’s run defense has been pretty good. The pass defense is horrible, but the Bucs are not a strong passing team so we will learn just how good the run defense is in this strong test.

I don’t see the Packer’s offense getting in gear this week against a clock eating offense and a reasonably decent Bucs defense. I also think the Packer defense will get deeply exposed against a good running team.

Give the points. The Over/Uder is a close call, but I will go “UNDER”.

Buccaneers 24
Packers 10

Fantasy Players: Cadillac Williams, Michael Clayton

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