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Sunday, July 24, 2005 

Sloth: Battlestar

Through the magic of TiVo, I just saw the first 2 Battlestar episodes and I was totally blown away. Dave seems to have some concerns. Now that I have seen the episodes, I can see where he is coming from. I never really "got" "X Files" and I can see his point about people really getting into it once all the episodes are available on DVD and they can watch in a short time and in order.
So far they have hooked me with great writing and fine acting. The storyline has consistently thrilled and dragged me into the world. Even the art direction, which I have criticized in the past (too dark, but good for a submarine feel) has grown on me.


I am a MASSIVE fanboy. If this was not apparent before, please see this. I am srongly suggesting you check it out, if you need to be brought up to speed, never fear Dean is there for you.

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