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Thursday, July 21, 2005 

Greed: Drew Rosenhaus

When you sign a contract, you live with it.

Pretty simple right? Not if your "agent" is Drew Rosenhaus (hereafter refer to as "the asshole"). The asshole said that his client (Javon Walker) will not report to training camp without a promise of a new contract. He has also made these kinds of noises in regard to another client (Grady Jackson).

I understand all the arguments, please don't waste my time and yours with "He might get hurt" or "The Packers could cut him so the contract is unfair". This has been the way that NFL contracts have been for a very long time, certainly longer than the 3 years Mr. Walker has been under such a contract. Yes, Javon, you had a great year, but your payday is at least a year away. Play like you know you can and it will be even bigger. Follow the asshole and your career my be over. Grady Jackson was pulled from the scrap heap and given a chance; he did very well and the Packers rewarded him with a contract that is also still in force. Grady, I love you (in that manly way), but dam dude, you JUST SIGNED the contract the asshole wants to rip up!

These guys have been given some very bad advice by the asshole. This is the Green Bay Packers we are talking about. Where was the asshole last year when the team shipped off Mike McKenzie (who?) to the Saints after his value dropped to nil? Oh.. RIGHT, he had a front row seat. Did he not learn anything from this encounter? He must be a reptile.

Javon, Grady, please come to your senses and learn from McKenzie’s mistake. Play out the year and you will be rewarded. Dump the asshole. If you need a new agent, I am available. I would be happy to help you through this anger and to the payday that will be coming your way next year. If not me, anyone with half a brain.

Just play the dam game.

Update:Dave from Garfield Ridge points me to this article that details Mr. Rosenhaus' life saving performance earlier this week. This action will cause me to call him "Mr. Rosenhaus" (as apposed to "the asshole") 2 times. Awww, sorry dude, I used up both times in this update! [SoupNazi]NO CASH FOR YOU[/SoupNazi] [mumbles]bitch[/mumbles]. Also nice to know that the asshole is wreaking havok on other teams as well. You gotta love parity.

Kossack Update:(Where I respond as if I were a dKos fan) Dave, are you so gullable to think that he didn't push that toddler into the pool in order to save him? Well, that and to distract the sheeple from the important developments in KKKarlGate.

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