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Thursday, July 21, 2005 

Anger: Today's belly laffer

Today's belly laffer comes to us via protein wisdom who is forever battling THE HYPOCRISY.

[Nelson from the Simpsons]
[/Nelson from the Simpsons]

I really shouldn't laugh, I mean it isn't really that funny that some poor schlub is this deranged... [snicker] [gaffaw] Who the hell am I kidding? [snicker] With gems like these:

This is the opportunity to get it hammered into the brains that the Republicans want to turn your bedroom into a fishbowl.
What the heck is she talking about? I don't know of anyone that wants to monitor sexual activities behind closed doors. If she means abortion, what part of "Let the States decide" (aka The Tenth Amendment) does she not understand? Besides, I pretty sure that abortions are NOT performed in someone's bedroom.
[T]he vast majority of Americans use contraception and will be sorely pissed when they find out that right is in peril.
Who said anything about banning contraception? I must have missed that memo from VRWCHQ.

On the other hand it is hard to laugh at someone so blinded to right and wrong that they can, in all seriousness, write this:
Something like 1 in 3 women will have one in their lifetime. Abortion is exceedingly common. Selling out women who obtain them for political gain is not only wrong, but it is politically stupid. Anti-abortion laws turn every woman into a potential criminal.
Am I that only one that thinks it is a tragedy that, if the above is true, abortion is this common? Am I the only one that recoils at the thought of that many people (note, not just women) are so irresponsible to make this so? It saddens me to think that anyone could be this cold or this stupid.

Cancel that belly laugh, mourn for the unbridled hate that is the left in this country.

UPDATE: Dirty Kafir puts forth another "Dear Democrats" Letter, one I am sure our original jokester will not like.

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