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Tuesday, June 28, 2005 

Sloth: TiVo

I am a new TiVo owner, actually the DirecTv version. So far it is really cool, though I am just getting used to the "TiVo Lifestyle". I have a tough time getting away from the thought that I will miss a show that I like just because I don't watch it while it is on.

The software is starting to get to know me and is picking suggestions that are really good. The days of getting bizarre Japanese animation (I know, I am uncool) because I like "Futurerama" and "The Simpsons" seem over. I now never miss a showing of "Iron Chef" or "30 Minute Meals" (with the ravishing Rachael Ray, roooowl).

I don't think I watch more TV, I just don't waste time on the guide or flipping around or [shutter] watching advertising. Many friends have been lost to the TiVo monster, only to re-emerge with a heavy beard and glazed eyes mumbling “must watch, don’t delete suggestions [drool]”. I seem to have some immunity to this, so it seems safe for now.

Well, gotta go… stuff is falling off the menu as I type!

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