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Monday, June 20, 2005 

Greed: Any takers?

A former co-worker tells me that he has a game-tech related job opening. He has it posted on a few message boards that "wannabes" frequent, but has not gotten a single resume.

Maybe I was wrong when I assumed that there was a ga-zillion people looking for game related jobs. This one sounds like a way for some misguided soul that wants to get into the games business to develop some professional experience.

Here is the email, below is the ad text.

Ready for new challenges? Influence, Design and Develop the next generation of VR Simulations as a VR Programmer/Developer! Now is the time to join this exciting project as we are starting a new development cycle. The Johnson Center for Virtual Reality is located in beautiful Pine City, Minnesota about an hour north of The Twin Cities (named the number one tech city by Popular Science Magazine). We are close enough to the Twin Cities to access the city life, yet far enough away to live the good life with a very low cost of living. This is a State of Minnesota position with excellent benefits and great working conditions!

Computer Science or related Bachelors degree, or equivalent experience.
Team oriented, positive attitude.
C++ experience.
Creative problem solving skills.
Effective interpersonal communications and listening skills.

Desirable Skills:
Knowledge of Virtual Reality devices and programming tools.
Experience with hardware and/or software interfaces of specialized devices.
Knowledge of computer graphics theory.
OpenGL experience.
Windows/DirectX experience.
Linux experience.
Heavy-duty math skills.
Shader Development.
Modeling skills.

Submit resumes by email to applyjcvr@pinetech.edu before July 1, 2005.

I have a new job, or I might be tempted...

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