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Saturday, April 02, 2005 

None: The Pope

The first time my format doesn't fit a post I want to write...

I am not a religious man. I am spiritual, but I can't find anything attractive about organized religion, certainly not the Catholic Church, or the American Catholic Church (which is quite different than the Pope’s church). If pressed, I would classify myself as one of the “less fervent” protestant sects of Christianity.

The passing of the Pope and the outpouring of emotion from the people in Saint Peter’s Square affected me. The Pope was a very special man, very much a strict Catholic Doctrine true believer, yet sensitive to other faiths. He was a believer in freedom and in the responsibility of the free. He lived his life true to his beliefs, which is the highest complement that a man of God can receive. He was universally loved and always respected, even when others disagreed with him.

The Pope will be linked with the greatest American President forever because their joint efforts against communism were so successful. President Reagan and Pope John Paul II took on the Kremlin and won a resounding victory. People all across Europe feel the fruits of this success to this day and, hopefully, for future generations. This will forever be his legacy.

Rest now, Holy Father. Your struggle on earth will continue from your wonderful head start.

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