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Tuesday, March 22, 2005 

Envy: Terri

No, I don't envy Terri. I think, if she is capable, she would envy US. She would envy our lives, our abilities and our food and water. After reading Michelle at ASV's personal and emotional post on the topic, I have my personal nightmare reconfirmed. She sees it as being buried alive, I see it as the horror that could be Terri, sitting in a bed with no control, no communication... nobody can hear me screaming because I am screaming only in my head.

If Terri is in there, how horrible for her. How miserable to have no control over the body and yet be able to comprehend. I agree with Michelle in one way, this is not something I care to have inflicted on me, I would much rather be "dead, buried and a memory" as she puts it.

Having said this and agreeing with much of Michelle's post, I tend to agree more with Dean Esmay. In a case where there is no living will, the base assumption must be life. Where there is a legitimate question of the "no hope" diagnosis, life must be served. I am not swayed by the coarseness of the husband or the passion of the parents. My moral compass points toward life here, as long as there is no living will and there is some REAL dispute as to her chance of improvement, no matter how small. Maybe Michelle would curse the family for keeping her alive once she recovered enough to do so, but soon after she might rethink that stance. Maybe not, I hope she never finds out.

One thing that Michelle and I are in complete agreement is that if she is to die, it should NOT be a lingering death by starvation. If there is a chance, however small, that she is even partially aware the death by starvation is too horrible to imagine.

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